Friday, September 26, 2008

CNN Calls Bush a High Functioning Moron

someone on cnn called bush a high...well, you get the picture. i wasn't sure who said it and never had the time to look it up. turns out it wasn't anyone that really mattered. maybe cnn would have a little backlash on it, but it really wasn't much. not that i care, i called bush a high functioning moron years ago. of course, that's in the privacy of my own home and not national television.
here was my reply on utterli:

DOH! that was a REALLY stupid thing to say. he called president bush a retard. well, he's not the first person who's said bush must be high on the spectrum, though not quite high enough, but when you pair the words "high functioning" together with "moron" well, seems to me your going to have a shit storm on your hands asap.

if this guy is anywhere near obama's camp he should get the boot and quick. it was a stupid thing to say and he should apologize SUPER FAST. it's insulting as hell.

not only was it insulting to our president it was insulting to it's people. trust me, i laughed my ass off. i have a sense of humor, but i also understand the backlash this guy is going to receive and it will be well deserved. he should know better and i don't give a shit if he didn't mean anything by it (anything other than to insult bush) because these people are supposed to be on a different plane than the rest of us.
see, it's one thing if an idiot like me calls someone a high functioning moron, retard, doofus, dork, mongoloid...have i left anything out? i have no education, i didn't go to a university, i never graduated from college. i'm supposed to be the high functioning moron here and even i know better than that, i understand the repercussions of badly used phrases.

i don't know if it's just me because i haven't exactly heard this anywhere else, but i firmly believe that these people need to be very careful when it comes to potentially sensitive issues. everything they do, every comment they make is scrutinized and dissected.

how can anyone be so stupid?

thank you Paul Begala for "going there" and thank you for the misstep. it's quite the blunder.

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