Friday, September 26, 2008

Leadership? Not from Sen. Obama.

in response to someone's retarded bash on obama...of course, it makes no sense and i shouldn't have even posted this, but i think i just wanted to remember it for some reason.

finally, i was only just able to really click on the discussions and expand them!

i just wanted to chime in on an issue someone brought up on a previous reply. it's true, if this were any other site people would be name calling, brow beating one another and just downright rude.

i think that's one of the things that sort of drew me out. there's no point in purposely insulting people just to get your point across and it's nice when everyone can agree to disagree.

one of the things i've noticed on a lot of other sites is the ugly divide between reps and dems. thing is that during any other time of the year it never even comes up.

"can't we all just get along?"

hmmm...i'm starting to feel like a sissy. i think i need to insult someone. okay, someone take a shot. who's gonna go first? DO IT, i can take it.

okay, me first:

mccain looks like your mother!!!! LOL yeah, i got nothing.

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