Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mood Swinging Ecstasy

I’ve been having the strangest mood swings for the past few days. It’s starting to get on my nerves. At least I’m able to quickly recognize the symptoms. If I’m really lucky so will Rigid and I won’t have to yell at him very much at all. It’s gotten to the point that I actually never have anything to really bitch about. Not for long at least.

Yeah, I had a major breakdown on Saturday, but it’s completely explainable. I think his penis is driving me insane.

Friday we stayed up really late, well actually we didn’t sleep. By the time we fell asleep it was 4 maybe 5am. I was fine that day, but ended up having a nasty mood swing late in the afternoon. It was so fucking weird. The next day I ended up sick as a dog. I felt like someone was playing dodge ball with my ovaries. I thought I had a kidney infection, or was about to get one, but I took care of it with lots of cranberry juice and water. I was lucky not to get worse.

I think I wrote about my mood swing in fact, but I never posted it. I think I just haven’t really been in the mood to write. As thought it’s a totally pointless waste of energy and my time. That and I really haven’t had time. No, I’m lying again. I haven’t made the time. I do write and regularly, but nothing very significant.

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