Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nobody Likes Doctors

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I’ve never been afraid of seeing a Doctor. There was a time though when I felt that I was seeing too many. I felt like a hypochondriac and figured there was nothing I could do about my problem. At this point there’s no possible way for me to ignore this anymore. My allergies are out of control, I’m having fantastic mood swings, my uterus feels like it’s about to explode, my anus is pulsing as if someone is trying to get out (and I don’t mean shit) and there’s something growing in my eye. I also can’t stop taking the skin off my lip, but that’s another issue…like OCD or something. Who knows. Personally I just call it nerves. It’s not like I can’t stop at all. Throw some lipstick on and I won’t touch my lip.

Monday I went to see my General Practitioner. I don’t really like him very much. I always thought fondly of him, but I kind of lost respect for him one day and pretty much stopped going. Not to mention that I can’t afford visiting the Dr’s. I can’t afford the lab bills. Fucking bullshit is that?

I went and his assistant checked me out. No UTI, but they found blood in my urine. Now I’m pretty sure it didn’t come from any other hole but my urethra so we need to find out why it’s there. If I don’t have a kidney infection then where’s it coming from? I think Rigid really needs to be a lot more careful with me than we expect. Still, I suspect it’s much more sinister than that. Much more… I’m waiting for the test results and I’m not happy.

I’ve had a headache every day since Sunday and a low grade fever. Never a high enough fever to warrant a visit to the emergency room, but enough to be uncomfortable. Still, despite all that I worked out yesterday. So I had a thermometer in my mouth half the time I was on my DDR, a girls gotta be careful right? Don’t want to keel over in the middle of my work out and I’d hate to see my uterus on the floor. See, I get the feeling that all the stomping around in did on my DDR on Friday might have shook something loose. That and I’m pretty sure the monster I had didn’t help.

Fucking caffeine, why do I have to love you so???

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