Monday, November 24, 2008

Thoughts on Un-follows/Qwitter

People complain about a lot of things on the internet. Actually, you'll find that people complain about everything. For every good application that hundreds of people love there will be hundreds more that hate it. I like Twitter, it's a pretty cool tool and it's fun to use. 

Of course, there's no one there that I care to hang on to so I probably wouldn't notice if someone decided to "unfollow" me. A friend on Utterli found a site called Qwitter that will allow you to see who has unfollowed you on Twitter. I decided to investigate...

Here's my reply:

wow! has anyone seen the dudes behind qwitter? they're so cute!!! lol

alight, getting serious now. not that anyone should care what i think, but getting upset (not that you did, i'm just sayin') because someone decides to unfollow you is silly. no, not silly in the YOU ARE A SILLY FELLOW kind of way. just in the I SHOULDN'T LET IT BOTHER ME sort of way.

people are fickle and seriously, who cares?

i fight with my exhusband about this all the time. he gets all myspacebiatch defensive about anyone rearanging their top friends list and removing him from the top 10...even placing him next to someone he doesn't like.

he FREAKS the hell out if anyone removes him from their myspace friends list or xbox live friends list and won't shut up about it. then he'll throw a little online hissy fit, remove ALL his friends from EVERY list and crawl back to everyone (or a select few) after he's cooled off.

it's so idiotic that all i do is ignore him. after i ripped him a new one and called him a little bitch several times. i may have also called him a homosexual...*ahem* i can't exactly recall. now that i think about it, that's a little insulting... to the gays! *parum tssss* OH! i slay me. :P

still, he's a good friend and clearly believes that there's something to the "friends list" thing. this is why it's annoying that he has me on his top 10 right next to either his "best friend", "best buddy" or girlfriend...all girls. and don't think i haven't told him to remove me from that list. i won't be a trophy! i rebel against all that is myspace! just kidding, his girlfriend loves me and i love her. what i actually worried about back then was if it bothered her, but we've all been friends for years and have a great time together so i don't think anyone worries about it at all. :P

we've all been through the "someone unfollowed me" bit. hell, there was someone here i followed from the day i signed up on utterli. i HATED what he wrote. thought it was pompus and arrogant, but i LOVED to listen in. we eventually kept tabs on each other regularly, but i have the bad habit of speaking my mind. i don't kiss anyone's ass and just because i like you doesn't mean i'm going to lie to be kind. i don't know you, why would i lie?

he was upset, clearly upset so he unfollowed me. *snif* i remember like it was yesterday. but it wasn't yesterday. it was exactly 2 months, 3 days, 12 hrs, 27 min and 32 seconds ago....that bastard! you know what? HE SUCKS! there, i said it.

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