Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i'm a bad swap bot partner

i signed up for a holiday card swap when @tojosan sent out an invite last month. i COMPLETELY forgot about it and never sent out my holiday card. in fact, i didn't send any holiday cards this year. there's even a message on my xbox from a friend asking for my address and i only just viewed it i have to send her an apology too.
i signed on to swapbot and spent what seemed like forever just trying to figure out what i could do at this point. after having read the faq's, which weren't much help at all, i finally found the link i needed for my partners information.

having found everything i needed i quickly decided i would have to take action to salvage the tiniest bit of self-respect i have left...if any. :P i emailed everyone the first part of my apology and tomorrow i'm off to the post office for some damn stamps. LOL

GOD i hope i don't forget. in fact, i'll have to set a reminder on my phone.

OOH, i just thought of a cool feature for utterli. alerts! now see, if there was an alert/reminder system on utterli i could have set tojosan's initial utter to be sent directly to my cell phone in order to remind me to send my holiday card. woh...was that a run on sentence? am i missing a comma? bad grammar? it's nearly 2am at this point and i can't think straight.

that probably means i should stop typing yes?


thank god for spell check!
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