Monday, December 15, 2008

Rigid Has Had Some Run-Ins With The Law

On A Hot Mid-Summer Day

Rigid's Incident With Officer No.1, Location: West Hollywood, CA

In 2006, sometime before our 1st Wedding Anniversary, my husband was pulled over by an officer after having been going 20 mph, hitting gravel and side winding his car down Doheny Estates in West Hollywood. The officer took his weapon out ordered him to exit the vehicle and place his hands on the hood of the car. How he ended up in the back of his cruiser has remained rather unclear, but it was the first time he sat in the back of an American Police Cruiser.

From what he tells me, he was very excited and fascinated by the entire experience. I imagine that he handled it with the savoir-fair of a kid in a candy store, smiling from ear to ear. Personally I don't see what could possibly be so exciting about it, but the look on his face said it all, no fear, no remorse and no clue.

Same Day

Rigid's Incident With Officer No. 2, Location: Huntington Park, CA

That same night as I perused the isles at my local Target for kitty litter, shampoo and other items I phoned him to discuss dinner. We hadn't been talking for more than 20 minutes before he interrupted with a loud, "WHOA!...Sorry honey I just hit a really big dip at 50mph." emphasizing on the really in his casual and cute way.

"Well be more careful and don't drive so fast." I said, concerned that he would wreck my car yet again.
"Woh...I'm getting pulled over." he said nonchalantly.

I immediately start to yell at him. I'm expecting that they would probably detain him, impound the car or worse, deport him. Nowadays you just never know what police officers are allowed to do. I continued to yell at my silly husband while I walked down the isles up until the moment that the officer decided to search the vehicle. It was a very bad neighborhood this funny looking white guy was barreling through. "He needs me to get out of the car now Poppet. I'll call you back oh-kay?", his voice was the perfect blend of a man who was both nonplussed and cooperative with just a hint of too familiar.

I was beside myself and stared at the phone bewildered, frightened and enraged. I immediately called my sister who proceeded to console me for the next 15 minutes. Rigid called me laughing and told me everything. The details don't matter only that he was the 2nd officer to try to recruit him that day after taking the handcuffs off. I don't know how he does it and to be honest, I don't think it's because he's white, English, somewhat well spoken or a ex-military man. I think he's just plain lucky.

Suffice it to say he's put me through a lot. Things have been much better this year between us. The best that they've ever been and I expect better years to come though not without our moments. Today after we watched his his acting debut on Rock of Love Charm School: Episode 5; Royally Screwed I caught the clip above.

The Hispanic Officer was Officer No. 1.

Rigid is a strange, strange man; Full of wonder, full of joy and more than half the time, full of it.

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