Tuesday, February 17, 2009

wireless xbox connection

I've been trying to connect my husbands Xbox 360 to the Windows Media Center and I've never been able to do it. Today, because we bought a new gaming router this weekend, I decided I'd give it another go.

It was horrible. Not only do I have to try and explain every step I'm trying to take to my husband and why, but I then have to explain every step I've taken and want to take with the Xbox Live Reps that don't have one clue what the hell they're doing half the time.

Yesterday when my husband set up the router I knew it would be a mistake. He has a tendency not to follow directions and just starts hooking things up, not reading the guide or following the installation disk instructions. When everything goes wrong I end up having to unravel everything myself. He eventually got everything up and running and we were on the Internet again so I apologized for ever having doubted him.

Today, I realized that the reason we were back on the Internet was because the old router is still installed and on. Woo. No wonder we were still having the same amount of lag during the game. I noticed absolutely no difference when I was playing Call of Duty.

Rather than uninstall it I decided to leave everything as is and call Xbox Live. I know, I'm jumping around here, but who cares. I think I'm just writing all of this down so I can keep it straight in my head.

We have a PC and two Xbox 360 consoles, one wireless and one wired. The wired console (my console) is connected to the Windows Media Center. I love it and it works great so I've always wanted to connect the wireless console as well. Microsoft loves to advertise the many different places you can enjoy the Windows Media Center experience in your home, but when crap goes wrong all anyone wants to do is throw you back at either your Internet Service Provider or whoever made your router.

I bought the gaming router for several reasons the most important being the lag we experience and connectivity problems between our console's. This means his Xbox can't connect to my Xbox. When I send him an invite to a game, party or chat he can't join, nor I him.

When we bought the router we thought this would end the problem, but it didn't and neither one of us were in the mood to figure it out so we left it. Today the first thing the Xbox reps tried to do was send me over to AT&T... They have nothing to do with the issue. When I refused the told me it was a router issue and should call D-Link for support. I still refused so they told me which ports I needed to request that they disconnect to remove the firewalls preventing the Xbox's from communicating. He was full of crap because I'm sure he was giving me the ports to get the PC and Xbox to communicate and THEY ALREADY WORK, but I won't find out until tomorrow. No tech support on Presidents Day.

Being that I was in the mood to get something resolved today I decided to call again for a different issue. The Media Center problem I mentioned previously. For some reason I got it into my head that maybe, just maybe if I can make sure the wireless Xbox is connecting to the network properly the issue with the Xbox's communication will somehow be resolved.

I basically got no where. I have to talk to the D-Link tech support people to reconfigure my router to 802.11a. Either way, I got nothing done. Learned a hell of a lot though. I learned that my wireless console is on 802.11b and that in order to connect to the Media Center it has to be on 802.11a. I also learned that my fancy new router is 802.11a compatible. You would think it would have picked that up on it's own. Of course, since the OLD modem/router/whatever thing is still connected how the hell was that going to happen? Magic?

GOD I wish I had taken those f'ing computer classes when I had the chance. Friggin' retard.

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