Monday, February 9, 2009

happy monday? i think not!

i got into my echo this morning 10min to 6am. i know i'll be late if i don't leave at that point because it's raining...i was sure i'd get stuck on the freeway.

my husband sticks the key in the ignitions and , "kkkkkththththkkkk!!!" i don't know what sound that actually makes, but it wasn't a good sound. we immediately switch cars.

i made it to work at 6:44am. not bad. not the greatest way to start the week.wonder how much it'll be to fix it this time?

now, i know i'm on my last few bucks, but i feel good because i have enough cancer-in-a-box to last me a few days. no one knows i smoke at work because i don't take breaks and i usually don't have more than 5 (lately more. *gulp* i've been a little off. heh.)

when i got home i threw my purse down and took my coat off taking everything out of the pockets. my precious box wasn't there. i searched my purse, pockets again and shrugged it off. must have left them in the car. my chest constricted with anxiety mind you, but i shrugged it off anyway.

at 6pm i went to the car...nada.

my husband found one for me. one cigarette. i searched 3 more times...nada.

how do i feel about that? i'll tell you how i feel, in fact i'll give you an example. should one of my 5 cats have the strange urge to pee on say, my purse, i'd skin it. it's not been a good monday.

oh yeah, that's just great. i'm sitting here waiting for my show and it's not on. NO HOUSE! no HOUSE! I love that show. i don't want to live. what a horrible monday. screw tv! screw the 24 rerun! i'm playing guitar hero. if i break a stick i'll shove it up some lucky lads arse!

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