Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i can haz no sleepies timez?

Today I finished my work early. I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night. I’ve been so tired lately and I really don’t know why. Well, I do, and I’ve been pushing myself quite a lot (not necessarily in the right direction), but no reason to be as tired as I’ve been as far as I’m concerned. There’s so much going on all the time that I never have the time to write anymore. I haven’t even gamed much either. It feels as though Rigid and I are in a bit of a gaming slump. That my dear friends is no joy. No joy at all.
Rigid and I just couldn’t get to sleep last night no matter what we tried. It might have been my fault. My back and legs were hurting and my ear was thumping in my head. I couldn’t get Ricky Ricardo’s face out of my mind and I could just see him pounding away on my eardrum. I guess that’s what I get for drinking the night before with my sister on Mother’s Day. No, we didn’t get drunk and it wasn’t the drinking either. Things just seem to stick in my brain when I visit my family. They’re funny like that.
So, again, to reiterate once more and again and again….I’ve had no sleep and I feel like I’m about to fall out of my chair so I’m keeping myself busy to stay awake. As soon as I got to work I just plugged away, problem is I finished everything in one hour. What to do for the next 7? Solve the mini-Rubik’s Cube I swiped from my co-workers desk. Not to worry, it’s germ free. I doused it with alcohol laden clean wipes. I’m not a germ-a-phobe but why take a chance?
I remember the days when I could solve these puzzles in under 2 min. I solved my cube so much and so many times I would break them constantly. Now, I can’t remember how to do it at all. This lead me to a hunt. I love Google, but I can’t find a good instruction guide. I’ll figure it out later. Right now I’m just writing to keep myself from falling asleep so you can imagine the garbage I’m spewing out here.
My search brought me to Reality Pause where I left goofy comment I on a post about someone’s son, daughter, school and forgetfulness:
That is absolutely hysterical. Okay, not really, but definitely funny. Brought back memories of the time I got lost on a school bus. Yes, an actual school bus I wasn't supposed to be on. My mom told me never to get on the school bus because she would pick me up. We were only around the corner from the school so she just walked. Even told me how to get home on foot (while walking me home of course.), but when my little friend beckoned me onto her school bus I simply followed.
I had the feeling I was forgetting something. Keep in mind, I knew how to take the bus, mommy planned for everything see. Unfortunately and to everyone’s misfortune I forgot where I was supposed to get off and walked for what felt like hours. Suddenly a car full of screaming women pulled up next to me in a white car. Just like that. I was in my mothers arm in a flash and tears were flying everywhere. My teacher drove that car. Poor thing looked a mess as she drove away as we were all cried hysterically.
Boy was my mom upset! After the terror wore off, she yelled at me all the way around the corner trying to show me how close I was to home. I was basically going in circles trying to find my street, but I KNEW I knew where I was going. Just a little sidetracked is all. :) Boy, what a great memory that was. And here all I jumped on for was the Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Thanks Perry and Fam!
I already regret leaving such a long post. In fact, I think my comment was longer than his post, but that’s nothing new for me either. Think I’ll just get some fresh air. I’m already feeling my pillow on my face. If I could just take a nap I’ll be fine. Great, that’s all I need. I’ll just convince myself that all I need is a nap, run to my car, shut my eyes and not open them until 6pm. I’ve heard of people doing things like that you know. I would be mortified. I’d also be quite fired.
“I SLEEP NOW!” Skeleton from The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera

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