Friday, February 3, 2006

Slide Player & Updates

Woohooo.....Slide players are cool. The one showing today contains pics from Youtubes most watched videos. On one of them you can see a banned Xbox ad. I just watched it and it's hilarious!!! Hope you guys enjoy this one....god I love my slide player! lol

Okay, I've made qutie a few changes to the main page and I'd like to let you all know... Don't want to have any confusion goin on ya' know. Wouldn't want anyone to get hurt okay?

At the moment I'll be busy making a few updates here and there, but I'll go over the most recent ones here:

Brood Blog : contains my new blog....obviously
See What's New on MB : still haven't gotten rid of the old site so you can see what's been updated here...mostly on the picture albums or the message boards.
Join Us : you can still join the old site here. that is until i get new forums up and running then you'll have to re-do a log in....if i require one that is.
Brood Albums : you can still check out our old albums. You can see anything from our pets to...well....ourselves. :)
Message Boards : the message boards...well, you can usually see a new message or two on the general board, but i've been having trouble accesing it so don't be surprised if you don't find anything of late.

Also, if you need to contact me privately you can do so on this site if not you can go to You can also see it in the links section. I can't get to an email system so I'm pretty much screwed.

Take care everyone and check back often for more updates and info. OH AND, don't forget! I'll be hosting another drawing this month. I just have to get all prepared...n' stuff.



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