Saturday, November 4, 2006

The Gaming Wife on Xbox Live

I had a great time when I came home yesterday. I wait all week long to play and this time I waited for two whole weeks. I'm still struggling to learn my lessons and work/home keeps me plenty busy. Not to mention family obligations like Trick or Treating with the niece and nephew and other things. I went on the the game Mega got for me (American Army), but everyone was on Halo. FINE Halo it is then. I miss playing Halo2 so that was just perfect. First thing I did was notice that Pumpo was in Mega's game already. I wonder if they were waiting for me both? Mega had left a message on my phone, which I forgot to tell him that I didn't actually get until I got home because I forgot my phone at home. SO I jump in and am greeted with a nice warm welcome. GUN SHOT straight to the face.

Perfect, I can already tell this is going to be a good day. Just when I start to get into the game Viol8r'sgirl calls me. I put the mic on mute and lower the volume on the TV and the controller so I don't hear anyone. I haven't talked to Vi'sGirl since the last time I talked her ear off about all of MY problems! First thing she does is tell me about her car. Someone stole it on Halloween. Course while I'm trying to listen to her horrifying story I'm also busy getting my ass pumped on Halo2. Eventually I give up and give her my complete attention which you already should know is a difficult thing for me to do sometimes, though the medication HAS made it easier. I couldn't believe it. They recovered her car and... SHIT my connection dropped. , as I'm chatting I try to see if I can get it back up, but nothing happens. She's telling me how they recovered her car, shredded it to bits and left it somewhere and I'm just floored. I completely forgot about the game, the connection and everything. We just talked.

Eventually I had to get off because I know that I only have a limited amount of time to game... I want to get in a few more hours of studying before I watch DR Who and Battlestar Gallactica only to have to get off and get in another hour of study time. To say that I'm pooped...well...understatement. Since I was chatting with Vi'sGirl the connection had time to re-establish on it's own. Cool, I jump back on and into a room of screaming kids. This begins to give me a headache. I'm not used to big rooms with screaming kids. We usually kick them all out. Eventually the beebee's leave to play with other beebee's and the room gets smaller. As time went on I knew that I'd have to get off to study, but I kept putting it off. Either that or I kept losing track of time, you can never have TOO much fun you know. I was good though because I stopped playing and started studying. I got enough done to finish another section in Chp 22, get dinner started and start watching Dr. Who, eat dinner, watch Battlestar Gallactica and start on another section of Chp 22. I'm going to aim to review 2 chps per week while posting them to index cards until it's time to take the class.

Being a gamer and responsible adult is a difficult thing to do in itself... let alone trying to study. It's do-able, but you really have to restrict yourself. If I were a kid in high school... even college, it wouldn't be a big deal, but a working wife with 3 cats, 2 litter boxes and a pile of bills and dishes... not so much.

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