Friday, December 22, 2006

The Holiday's Are Upon Us

It's almost Christmas and it's turning out to be a pretty good Christmas indeed despite the fact that I never had the chance to buy a Christmas Tree...I'll be sure to thank Rigid again for that later. No matter though. My holiday shopping for friends and family is pretty much complete and the only thing I have to shop for now is Christmas Brunch and our presents. To be honest I CAN'T WAIT. I'm buying the 360 and I really do hope I'm able to get my paws on one. I'll either go to Costco or to Circuit City...really I'll go to any store I can. I WANT MY BOX!

Another big thing on my wish list is a photo printer. That's the present I really want from Rigid. I hope I'm able to find the one I want because it's bluetooff (inside joke) capable so I'll be able to take pics on my phone and send them directly to print. I won't do many of them, but it'll still be fun once in a while. I could do a collage. LOL

Rigid hasn't really given me a list of things that he wants but I do have an idea of what I'm going to get. We bought a suit last week because we spotted a store that was going out of business. Yeah, we weren't going to buy anything, but Rigid really wanted a suit and I really wanted him to have one SO, we came out of the store with about $250 less in our bank account. BUT he bought a $350 suit for about $195 or so. I'm thinking a nice pair of shoes to go with the suit and a pair of lovely cuff links. I KNOW he'll love it. I just have to escape him long enough to buy them, but I think we're going to the mall..............

*screeching brake tires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Oh-fucking-K! I'm sitting at my desk, jubilant as can be. I've got $600+bucks burning a whole in my pocket, over a grand sitting in my bank account, Rigid just got paid and for the SECOND GLORIOUS week in a row there's been no fucking payment to anyone for any fuckers car being crunched or scraped by him. SO I'm fucking happy right? I'm typing away about all the things I want to do just before Xmas all the while chatting away with my hubby on our nifty new (not matching 'cause that would be fucking gay) wireless headsets when all of a sudden he starts screaming that some guy fucking hit him!

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG HERE????? He gets out of the car and I'm freaking out because the way it sounds...He's going to beat the living shit out of this guy. They start screaming at each other and I hear the guy say it's Rigids fault because Rigid dented his door with his car. Rig starts freaking out on the guy and I can barely understand anything coming out of his mouth. (He's friggin English and his accent isn't actually all that bad, but when he's pissed off even I can't make sense of what he's saying so I know he freaked that guy out.) The next thing you know he starts screaming about insurance and the police but the thing is that HE HAS NO FUCKING INSURANCE! The truck is only insured under my name! Piece of shit insurance agency. Eventually he gets off the phone with me and I'm left with this horrible tight feeling inside my chest. WOW it's cool to be on drugs though because I would have handled that a lot worse before. Before I would have ended up blubbering in the bathroom like an idiot at work. I didn't even stress because I have those tinsy little pills that your supposed to take in case of emergency. To quote my Drug Pusher, "Those are When-the-shit-hit's-the-fan only drugs."

This was a fucking emergency, but I didn't even need it. I called my sister's house and decided I'd vent with her, but got my brother in-law instead and let me tell you. It was good enough. I'm not alone in this. Everyone thinks it's absolutely idiotic that he's been in so many "accidents" this year alone. I'm completely sick of it, because what ends up happening is that I have to pick up the tab... WE.. I...Whatever. It comes out of OUR pocket...that means there's less money for ME! Yeah, fuck... I said it. Me. Mother fucker.

I have a headset connected to my lan line on my left ear and Just as I'm prattling on and on to my brother in law about how crazy and insane Rig makes me and how insane it is that we're still even married (sometimes even I can't understand myself) the wireless headset on my right ear starts to go off. It's Rigid. How I don't have brain cancer I will never know. I jump off the phone with my brother in law, rip off the headset and await the horrible news. Apparently Rigid must have scared the living shit out of this guy or he really didn't want to involve his insurance company because he's young SO they're not involving the companies. My insurance won't go up and neither will Rigids. Unless the asshole does something dodgey. What they're thinking of doing is pricing how much it's going to cost to repair either car and compare notes and I suppose figure out what they'll do from there. I have no idea how that works, but it's better than me worrying about spending the money that's burning a whole in my pocket.... and he wanted to quit his fucking job. Fucking insanity dude!

Somebody please ask me how the fuck I live this way.


It's the same day now and I'm finally home. I'm been whiling away the hours trying to relax before I get started with the studying. I got off a little early and I figure I deserve a little break. I'm sort of over the fact that Rigid hit yet another car. Wait, let me re-phrase that...That someone MADE Rigid hit their car. He'll kill me when he reads this. (Yes, he reads everything I write. He's a good husband....actually we all know he's pretty much nosy, but sorry love, ya' can't drive worth shit! lol) So I'm staring at my notebook and I know I should get into it as soon as possible, but I can't bring myself to do it see because Shakespear In Love in on Showtime and even though I OWN the motherfucker I'm compelled to watch it.

Halfway through the film Pumpo calls me, but I missed him on the voice message so I called him back. Apparetnly VIOL8R told Pumpo I was getting my box tomorrow and he called to tell me not to buy it. That I had to wait until we exchange presents. WELL WTFFFFFF! Now I just want to die because I want my box so bad I don't want to wait. FUCK! Thing is that he said it's not a 360 so why can't I just pick up the 360 I want then? I'm obviouisly PMS'ing because I was so upset after I hung up the phone that a few tears came out. I couldn't help it. I think it's the freakin stress Rigid puts me under. Either that or I'm tired. I know I'm going to love whatever it is he gives us. He's been excited about it for months and months know. Everytime we see him it's KABOOM this and KABOOM that...whatever the fuck that means. I hope after Christmas he stops saying Kaboom though because it's driving me insane. LOL

NOW the last note before I really start to study. This morning I was driving down the freeway happily on my way to work (yeah, meds are great I can't even tell I'm on anything. I just feel normal...and happy yet strangely me. It's odd) So I'm listening to Charlie Tuna in the morning which I normally never listen to because they're too fucking happy and they get on my nerves. It's unattural for anyone to be that happy in the morning and I just want them to drown in a puddle of their own vomit, but my regular morning show isn't on so...meh Tuna it is. One of the commercials announced an Edward Scissorhands Musical that's here in Los Angeles. When I got to work I looked it up and it's only here until the 31st. SO I reserved tickets for the theater on New Years Eve. I figure we can do dinner, the show and someones house or party for the New Years thing. It'll be a blast and I can't wait!

So tomorrow I'll definately have to get Rig the cufflinks and the nice pair of shoes I wanted to pick up for him. I only hope the shoes look good with the suit we got. AND I'm buying him shoes that I think he'll like AND I don't care what he thinks of them. He's a picky bitch sometimes. You would think someone that runs around playing bumper cars in real time might not be so picky huh? No....not my Rigid. Not at all.


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