Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thank You For Visiting

There have been a few updates on The Brood. Check it out fuckers!

Gallery :honestly...i can't remember if i added anything here at all recently but i did on flickr! lol
iWish : the slide show was updated with new wish list items...and then i found what i really wanted...the HP Photo printer with bluetooth capabilities. *drool*
Misadventures: i always try to add a little something new. we just celebrated our anniversary so that's been taken down, but the music is still there. just turn the fucker off!!! i'll eventually write enough to get that off the page.How to get in contact with the Maharet. (BiPolar people can have delusions of grandeur, but be assured mine is no delusion I AM GRAND!!!! NYARK! *bites ear*)The many ways to get in touch with me:The Misadventures of Maharet & RigidRaider: Your comments on The Brood and on The Misadventures are appreciated and received through my email so I'll always be able to respond.
MahEmail: You can email me directly through Gmail but I won't view it for hours because I'm firewalled at work....yet again. Try posting to MahGroup instead!
MahGTP : I love GTP. It's one of my fav hangouts and where I keep in touch with most of my Xbox friends. It's easier to use than MySpace and is geared solely towards gamers on Xbox Live which works out really well for me. So if you're a fellow gamer or would like to get to know other xbox liver's then GTP's the place to do it. It's fun, it's friendly and the staff is great.

On a different note, the Beta version of blogger has been completed though the transfer of accounts was not exactly what I would have hoped I've been able to convert all my accounts to the new version. Of course I have no idea what the hell I'm doing so little things keep going wrong here and there because I have my own domain name and ... well, rather than go into en explanation that I know nothing about in the first place I'll leave it at that.

To be honest I only planned on using one account from now on, but things have gone a bit wonky now and I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to work around it. Perhaps I'll retire all the links at the top of the page and call them archived, but I think as of 2007 I'll be all set up one a single page with linkies that are all connected to the same blog. That'll be a bit more streamlined and I'll be able to have current things archived in one place and one place only. Sounds good to me! :)

So In the meantime Have yourselves a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! xoxo



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