Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Trying out a new way to blog on Blogger. I just downloaded a web browser called Flock from Flickr. I'm a big flickr fan and so far have over 3000 pic's stored on it. I'm currently in the process of offloading a ton more pics off my Slivr. It take a bit of time since I don't actually download the pics to the computer.

I use Zonetag to transfer the pictures from my phone to Flickr directly where I could blog certain pictures if I want. Since I got the computer fixed yesterda I figured I'd quickly do a few things on it to get it back to where I had it before. SO, I downloaded my Flickr upload tool, that's when I saw Flock. The Flickr web browser thingy. So far I'm in love. I'll be able to upload my pictures directly to Flickr using the webrowser. I'm always connected to my photopals and I can send a blog along with pics right through the browser. I used to do that with the google toolbar, but they're taking so long to fix that that I may actually never go back to using it.

Shame all my fav's are on the toolbar though because I don't think I can have a google toolbar on Flock yet. If I could it would be great, but since Flickr is connected to Yahoo I seriously doubt it.

Ah well, nuf blogging for now. I just wanted to post a little something to test this out. I have to start studying at some point.

Here are a few pictures I took on my mobil phone in 2006:

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Nathan J said...

that david is a handsome devil