Monday, February 12, 2007

Back to work dog!

Ahhh, its great to be back. ~ Maha's Mobil

Well, I'm back at work and my gummy little friends were here to greet me. Don't they look happy to see me. Yeah, the picture was a bit fuzzy because one of my brokers was heading my way so I snapped the picture to quickly. Not in the mood to retake it.'s just gum people. Cut me some slack.

I had a rough time last week in that class. Traffic was out to get me that day. I was running a little late and it took me nearly an hour to get downtown. It was horrible. I was so nervous I nearly shit my pants. In fact, I may have when I saw what time I got in (just a little bit). At least I didn't get lost. The teacher had already started and it took me a minute to get my bearings. I quickly took out my notebook and began to take notes. How the fuck was I supposed to take notes like that? She was going to god damned fast. She barely even paused to take a breath. I didn't even know her name! OMG!

Eventually she realized that a few people were late and were missing the slide show presentation handout. Pain in the ass. It helped, but for some reason I stuck it in my head that my notes would be better. Eventually she let us out for lunch and I ran away as fast as I could. Not because I was dying of hunger, but because if I stayed behind someone would surely find a reason to strike up a conversation with me and I was sure I'd throw up all over them. There was a little restaurant just inside the building I was in that served sushi. I thought it would be a great idea to stuff my face full of raw fish...Unfortunately so did one of the other classmates.

He found a reason to talk to me. I somehow managed to choke down the vomit that was surfacing and held a conversation with him. He seemed nice enough but he annoyed me when he was ordering the sushi. He had to ask what what was each dish. IT'S FUCKING FISH DUDE! It says what kind of fish it is on the menu. What more do you need? Okay, so the eel I can understand. Not too many people know what Unagi means and that's okay. Hell, not too many people know much of anything about sushi, but don't ask what's in the Spicy Tuna. IT'S TUNA!!! SPICY TUNA!!! Suffice it to say that I pretty much didn't talk to him after that. Besides he took his food back up to the class and I had no intention on spending my hour off locked up in a classroom eating my lunch. While I ate I watched some Family Guy episodes. I hate that show. It's sucks fat balls, but my husband loves it and I've grown to tolerate it so I watched while I ate. I LOVE SUSHI...heee.

After that I started to explore. Leave it to me to find two Macy's stores less than a block away. I'm really starting to like that store. I used to only buy my makeup there. Now I'm into purses. I only have two, but I'm thinking I'm onto something here. (Why does blogger not have sarcastic smiley faces???) I also discovered another shopping center/foodcourt on my second day out there. Have I ever used the word cacophony in my blogs before? Well, that's pretty much what the food court was like. I could hear elevator music in the background, there was a man playing a grand piano down on the lower level and the people just bustling about made such jarring noise that I thought I would go deaf. The first time I hung out there was great. I loved it...The second time I was out there made me miss the nice quite environment I'm so accustomed to. I also realized why I hate people. They like to crowd together thereby congregate in every corner they can possibly squeeze into. Why do that unless you have a drinkie in your hands I always say!

Eventually my week ended and I could not have been happier. I spent most of the weekend ignoring my house and all the studying I should have been doing and gamed a bit in the evening. I'm naughty I know, but can you blame me? I'm starved for video gaming! Rigid took me out to the movies on Saturday. I'm trying to remember what we saw and for some reason I can't. Hmm, guess it wasn't that great OH Epic Movie...I laughed, but as soon as I walked out of the theater I forgot about it. Say's something don't it? I don't know what it says but I know it says something. I can feel it in my gut.

GGGRRRRRRRR I have news I want to blog about, but Rigid won't let me. Maybe he doesn't want me to jinx him. I'll give it a few weeks and then I'll discuss it with or without his permission. I mean why do I need anyone's permission to talk about anything I want on my blogs anyway right? Right...right....fuck!!!!!! Ah, who cares. It's not that important anyway. YES IT IS! I don't like being told what I can and can not say. Yes, I'm crass. Yes, I can be disgusting and gross and weird, but that's what makes A big part of who I am is writing about the things that happen in my life that are significant to me and if I can do that then I'm gagged and not the good kind of gagged.

I'll give it a little time, but a little time is all I can give it because I sense a very long fucking blog coming on....I mean like 5 FUCKING pages man! lmao!

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