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1st Photography Session

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From: Maharet_FB (Original Message) Sent: 10/11/2005 8:48 AM
well, last week on thrusday was our first photography session together. first of all we had a really hard time getting a hold of our photographer that day. the girl that kept picking up the phone had no clue what she was doing and the photographer was in and out all day. all i wanted to do was confirm the session that we had scheduled that day but the guy never called back to confirm.

i can't imagine why i agreed to such a tight schedule. i'm usually really tired when i get home from work so 4:30 was really pushing it and when this guy wasn't getting back to us we figured he was going to be a no show. i called him one last time at about 15 till and he was there. i was so mad....course i just found out that rigid had called the girl an idiot. not a good way to start a relationship with your wedding then he and i ended up getting into a fight about that.

that's a lot of money i'm giving that man and i'm not about to have someone ruin my pictures because of an impulse control problem. so after we resolved that and got a hold of the photographer we scrambled to get ready. nervous and giddy we began to get dressed. rigid was done in 10 min, i hate men, and i was still looking in my closet for something to wear. it was horrible. i couldn't find anything and i hadn't gone out shopping for anything special just for this. NO TIME...the horror.....THE HORROR.

well, in the end i went for my corset, a blouse and the pants i wore to work. bad, bad, bad idea. the blouse brought WAY to much attention to my chest and it was practically popping out because of the corset. good thing i wore a bra under the whole thing cause it would have been a complete disaster otherwise. so after we got there the photographer made us wait an intolerable amount of time. he wanted to take us to the park but wasn't prepared. sucked cause we could have had the pictures taken at a beach or anywhere, but i didn't know. ASSHOLE! granted he was apologizing left and right for the delay, but it was a pain to have had to wait that long .

whatever the case may be we ended up at a park. the first thing he did was have me sit on a chain....crappers. my fat ass on a chain??? and then he wanted me to cross my legs. i'm trying to hold myself up and keep my tits from falling out and this guy wants me to cross my legs on a chain. MY BUTT HURT!!! and then he keeps coming up to me to try and adjust me to look more normal. i'm sweating bullets by this time and i'm totally embarrased. what was i thinking????? it got a little easier after that. i don't know how many times rigid tried to reassure me that i looked fine and that i was beautiful...all i knew was that i was on the verge of making my own pornography. lol i seriously DO NOT think i'll be passing out any of those pictures.

omg.....i swear the things i go through.

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From: vi0l8r Sent: 10/11/2005 9:22 AM
Well trust me maha as much as you hate the fact that anthan was ready in like 10 minutes im sure he was loathing having to wait for you to get ready as I do with Lisa course much later down the road both of you will be able to sit down and enjoy the pics btw you should post em in here as part of your wedding preps. Plus you should make sure your photographer knows how to shoot nice pics of the 2 of you so that your skin and outfits look nice and one doesnt overpower the other. So did you do your makeup the same way your gonna do it on your wedding day? Thats important so you get an accurate idea of how your gonna look in the real pics and when it comes to doing all this stuff realize this. everyone who performs a service at weddings does a ton of them so while its the most important day of your life it's just another day at the office for them so try to take a deep breath and relax when dealing with these insensitive lil pricks and prikettes. The most important thing to happen on yuouwedding day is getting married having a good time and to smile,dance, and kiss a lot! Everything else will fall into place and the mental pics from that day will last forever and always be way better than those captured on film

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 10/11/2005 11:02 AM
oh no....your making me cry!

WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN???? if anyone had told me what you just did i would have done just that. i did my makeup so fast and in the car!!!....i didn't do anything special either. i can't even remember if i put on any eyeshadow.

*sigh* but your right. and you know, if i'm not happy with the pictures i'm going to make him retake them. then i'll be able to prepare a little better. do my makeup and have my hair done.

that was really great advise vi! THANKS. :)

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From: rigidraiderx Sent: 10/11/2005 1:40 PM
well fuck if i'd known that i would of had my hair cut by simmers gay cuban stylist so i can look good on the pictures and decide if i'm gonna have my hair a certain way @$@#%$#%%$^&

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From: vi0l8r Sent: 10/12/2005 4:36 AM
I'm really shutting up now no crying I'm sure the good man knows what he is doing... Just smile and remember not to sit on any chains in your lovely wedding dress and dont let him accidently bump your boob either.

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 10/12/2005 11:45 AM
dude...........that boob thing in dance class was funny!!! lol

now i really want to see the picture. *biting nails*

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