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The Morrigan Pees Again!

XBrood Live: The Morrigan Pees Again!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006
The Morrigan Pees Again!

My cat The Morrigan is a pain in the ass. I love that cat. I love her to death, she's pissing all over the house and I’m sick to death of it. She’s marking everywhere. We don’t let her into the bedroom anymore, either one of the cats and I don’t know what to do. My cat has been through a lot in the past few years. I really don’t even know how she’s made it sometimes, but she has. She’s not got many more lives left I’m sure. Did I ever tell you guys that my ex-husband shot her? And she lived to tell the tale.

Maybe I’ll start this one from the beginning. My cat is… well an interesting creature. My ex-husband and I used to love going to pet stores. Maybe it was just to torture ourselves by looking at all the animals we could never have or afford. Who knows? We called ourselves fish enthusiasts. Yes… there’s a name for people like us. Well really he was the fish enthusiast I was more a fish enthusiast spectator. Meaning I followed my ex-husband to each and every pet store checking out all kinds of little critters. We loved our lives back then. And I loved fishies, fishies and kitties, my favorite pets… Oh and snakes…. Lizards. Well anything that creeped or crawled.

All that was thwarted when my ex-husband ended up in the hospital. He nearly died on me and when he made it back home in sort of one piece we thanked our lucky stars, strengthened our bond together and moved on with our lives. We lost our pet cat Namu Duma during this time and it was awful. I’m a cat person folks so when Namu disappeared I was really hurt. Happy to have my husband home, but sad that my cat was gone. Poof. Like a puff of smoke. I didn’t get another pet for a long time after that. We moved to a smaller apartment and there was no possible way to have a pet. The 10 fish tanks eventually dwindled to one 60 gal. He kept that thing going for a long time and I don’t even remember when we eventually got rid of it, but we ended up moving again and this place did accept cats, but only if we de-clawed them. I could never de-claw a cat so we figured another pet would be out of the question for us and we really didn’t want the responsibility.

One day he and I were out at the mall. We ended up in yet another pet store. He ended up in the fish section and I, of course, ended up with the kitties. There were only 3 of them there. They were enclosed in this big black cage. The thing was about 5’ ft tall and 3’ ft wide with 3 little tiers where kittens could climb and nap on. I wanted one. I looked at each one and wanted one so bad I could feel my heart swell. They were only 25 bucks each after all. That’s a bargain! I convinced myself that I could talk my husband into it so when he came to see what I was looking at I said. “Look (Pumpo), they’re so cute! I want one!” but it wasn’t to be. He wasn’t so easily swayed by the kittens charms and no matter what I did I couldn’t convince him how desperately we needed a cat.

I tried to tell him how pretty the white cat was with it’s bright blue eyes and that the black cat had a beautiful shiny coat… even that funny looking brown, grey, white, beige, orange non-shiny-coat matted looking thing had such pretty green eyes. I begged and pleaded. I said I wanted that funny looking brown, grey, white, beige, orange non-shiny-coat matted looking one because no one on gods green earth would buy the poor thing other than me. She fit in the palm of my hand and she was so funny looking. I never saw a cat that looked like her, but he wouldn’t hear it cause he had no heart and took me home. I went home. Reluctantly, but I went home and we were about halfway there when Pumpo turned back. It wasn’t cause I was crying or anything… *sniff So we took her home. It wasn’t long before I named her The Morrigan. I think it was her fiery green eyes. Little did I know how true to her name she would be.

We had so much fun with that cat. I always held her and played with her. She dragged toys around the house like a dog and even fetched sometimes. She jumped in the air like a freaky circus kitty and we spun her around like a kitty pizza in the air and she loved it too…. Well, most times. Eventually she started growing and maturing and kitty pizza didn’t seem much fun to her anymore. But she still loved her toys and carried a pet elephant with her all over the house. She started to change little by little, but she was still adorable. The only problem was that Pumpo and I started going out a lot on the weekends and since my sofas are custom made we had to lock her up in the bedroom frequently. We stopped that eventually, but one day when Pumpo and I were getting ready to go to Disneyland, as we did so often back then, I saw a program that I thought my friend would enjoy. Pumpo scrambled to find batteries for the control so we could record it, but couldn’t find any. So being the handy fellow that he is he pulled out his 22 cal scope mounted Scorpion and cleared the gun before touching the scope. Safety first my friends… safety first. Well the gun misfired just as he was clearing the chamber right next to me. This is how it went down. My cat was to my left and Pumpo to my right. I was bent over on the edge of the bed tying my shoes and my cat was meowing for attention. The next thing I know she moved around me to jump to the television set at the end of the bed. She would have to start exactly in the middle of the bed to do this and just as she landed in that spot to jump the gun went off. Both the cat and I spun around screaming. She looked at me and I looked at her then we both looked at Pumpo and finally she bolted. Just like that. What took me 10 minutes to explain and you two minutes to read took about 2 seconds to occur.

I screamed and screamed that he shot her and he said he didn’t. He was so shocked and shaken by it and I could see it too, but I was just trying to get control of myself. He chased down the cat, checked her carefully and didn’t find anything. I couldn’t believe it. I was sure I saw her get shot, that’s how fast I spun around. But I figured I was seeing things and went to the other room to recompose myself and stop shaking. Just when I thought I’d gotten myself together Pumpo’s shaky voice rings through my ears, “Oh my God (Maharet), I shot her. I shot the cat,” and just like that we rushed her to the hospital.

We didn’t know where to go. We had nowhere to go! We got lost to a few places and didn’t know where there might be a 24 hr place open on a Saturday, but luckily we had cell phones and found a place not too far from where we were. I thought my cat was going to die in my arms. What was strange about it was even though she was in shock and shaky she didn’t seem at all like she was going to die. I don’t know how to explain it. I mean this cat was looking out of the window and checkin’ out the cars. Laying in my arms or meowing at us. I was sure she was a dead kitty, but she was hanging in there. Throughout all that Pumpo was begging me not to divorce him over this. The only thing I remember as we were making another u-turn was saying, “Don’t be ridiculous! Why would I divorce you over a cat? Just get us to a hospital!!!”

It was horrible. I didn’t even know what to tell the vet when we got there so we told him the truth exactly as it happened. They’re supposed to report an incident like this to the police you know. But they took her in right away and Pumpo and I worried about the cost later. We didn’t care. So when the Dr. brought us back to see Morrigan to discuss the cost I didn’t hear anything but my cats meows through the Plexiglas oxygen tank she was sitting in. As Pumpo and the Dr. discussed money I had one of the most endearing moments I would ever have with an animal I’m quite sure in my entire life. My heart was in my throat because I was sure it was going to be the last time that I saw my cat alive and she wouldn’t take her eyes of me either. The tears poured down my face as I stared into her beautiful bright green eyes and just as I said her name and put my hand up to the glass she put her paw up against her side of the glass. It was as though we were connected in a way that is completely unexplainable to non-pet owners. I left her there overnight and I hoped that everything would be okay. The Dr. said there was no way to tell, but that they would do the best they could with her.

The next day we got there and saw that they’d labeled her as extremely dangerous. I was shocked. My kitty? My Morrigan dangerous? I thought they were crazy, but the assistants told me she had been a terror and had to be put to sleep for a lot of the procedures. When we were finally able to take her home they were sure that we wouldn’t be able to handle her. I was so scared I was starting to think I wouldn’t end up with the same cat somehow. Maybe my cat did die? Maybe her personality changed so much because of the experience that she won’t be the same ever. Well, they lead us to her cage and I carefully called for her. She came to me meowing her kitty ass off like nobodies business and practically jumped into my arms. I was so surprised that I wondered what the hell these guys were talking about, but I turned around only to find myself surrounded by such amazed looks I stopped dead in my tracks. I swear they looked at me in complete and total awe. I’ll never forget it. They said that without me that cat was completely different. I figured it was just the shock.

She survived all right and I eventually survived the $1,700.00 hospital bill. But I was right. Something changed in that cat. She was a little different, couldn’t be around new people or be in the same room with anyone other than Pumpo or myself. Well, we eventually got used to it and we also eventually got divorced. Not for any kitty related reasons mind you, but this is where things start to go terribly wrong for my dear little MoMogaan. I got together with Rigid. And Rigid, bless his soul, does not understand cat behavior at all. No matter how many times I told him that cat needs her space and needs to be left alone he still ran after her like a little kid chasing a squirrel. If she didn’t do what he wanted he’d get angry and chase after her. She’d spit and bite and scratch at him all the time so I bought him his own cat. The behavior just got worse and worse especially after we brought a 3rd cat into the middle of it. We nearly broke up on several occasions because of this, but somehow we all persevered. The only thing I was able to do was give 100% of my attention to my new boyfriend and completely leave my cat alone. The only attention my cat got was from Rigid. Not even Pumpo was to handle her anymore. Rigid cleaned her box, fed her, bathed her and played with her. He even disciplined her, which was horrible to watch because he’s such a terror sometimes. I felt like I was torturing my cat and just when I was losing hope things started to get better.

My plan worked. The Morrigan was more settled down after we got rid of the 3rd cat and was much more content and at ease with Rigid. I don’t know how we did it, but we got over that huge hurdle and I didn’t even have to get rid of my boyfriend. Now were married and one big happy two cat family… except for the pee. There’s Kitty pee everywhere now. At first it was so subtle we couldn’t tell, but then we could smell it in the closet. We could see both cats desperately trying to get in the closet so we put a stop to it. Now it’s gotten so bad that you can’t leave one tiny article of clothing lying around the house anywhere. Nothing is safe, not even your shoe. The Morrigan pees on everything. To be honest I think she rather likes it too. We’ve gotten to the point where we have no idea what to do. I make sure her box is clean, that the litter is fresh. I pay her plenty of attention and try to play with her. I talk to her and try to discipline her when she pees, but nothing seems to be working. She pee’d in Rigid’s shoe!!! His expensive shoe!!! He shoved his yucky shoe in my face to show me! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! I’m bleaching everything around the house constantly and nothing seems to work. I even think she may be peeing outside my door in the middle of the night in protest to being left out.

Today Rigid called me to tell me once again that we have to get rid of Morrigan because she’s peed on the wicker basket in the bathroom again. I JUST bleached that thing the day before yesterday! She’s driving me insane and I love her so much so I’ve made a decision. One which I hope I’ll not regret. This Thursday I’ll be taking The Morrigan in to see her Dr. in order to update her vaccinations and do some blood work in preparation for her eventual spaying. I’m ripping out her kitty making tools in the hope that it will thwart her naughty peepee behavior. In addition to that I’ll have to attempt to strip the house of markings and retrain her not to mark the house. If none of my efforts work I’ll have to put Salem into another home and if THAT doesn’t work I’ll have to give The Morrigan up for good. In essence, I’ll have to murder my cat once and for all. She can’t go to another home. No one will take her because she really is dangerous and the pound will put her to sleep without hesitation. The Morrigan will be lost forever. I really, really, really hope this works because if it doesn’t I’ll be so heartbroken. Poor, poor MoKitty.

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