Friday, March 7, 2008

Today's Blog's Of Note

I don't have the opportunity to do this often and quite frankly if I did I'd end up reviewing the same people over and over again day after day because well, I'm too lazy to figure out why in the world I can't add more blog addresses to my RSS Reader, the only tool I use to see who's updated they're blogs.
Today, I have to say I was in for a treat. The first blog on my RSS List was Huey blog the first line of which was specifically thanks Buckey for his great literary work of art. I have many things piled up on my desk and in my head that absolutely must be done before I get out of here in less than two hours, but he's caught my curiosity at this point and read on.
WTC Huey's: Fished in... - 03/07/08 Fished in was a very creative take on advertisement slogans. It was so funny and so witty that it enticed me to create a few of my own. That's one of the great things about this site. You just never know what kind of silliness you'll run into. It's a great way to while away the mundane hours of everyday life.... like work. Great job Huey.
Davey Rocket's: Feedback.... I never know whether he's making up his own topics or getting them from other GTP members. I think Jimjo and Cookie are doing them right now too. It's a great topic whoever thought of it though. Davey's blogs are always short and I believe I've featured them a couple of times simply because, short as they may be, they somehow always tend to provide a very valuable insight. Today was no different.
Buckshot's: Deconstructing Huey Someone has been reading my thoughts because I've been planning on either suggesting something like this in the forum or just coming up with one of my own. Just goes to show you, don't sit on your ideas because someone else will have had it too and do it better than you! This is definitely something you should not miss.
I do have a suggestion Buckey, you should change the title to: "Huey: An Unauthorized Biography"
Best Line: "...the man once described as "Barry White's Uglier Cousin", purrrrrrrrr all night!!!"
Tuna Tip: I thought about this the other day. How about GTP Tabloid News?
Today's headlines on the Tuna Tabloid:
WTC Huey's Drunken Brawl
Buckshot George ruins WTC Huey's life with an unauthorized biography loosely based on the great Huey. Huey swears revenge after a drunken brawl with the author....
The Cookie Minster Stikes Again!
Cookie smear campaign against Phorexia leaves him wondering.... WHY and what did she smear?
Was Jimjo Really On Fire?
In a ridiculous attempt to dupe the public DiRtyEffEnJiMjO and friend staged a "Jackass" type move with a match, a "sleeping" Jimjo and some fire. The truth is out there Jimjo! Experts have reviewed the Youtube clip and have unveiled the TRUTH! Check out Jimjo's Youtube to watch!...
Do your own tabloid!

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