Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today's Blogs of Note

Today will be a good day for me. I've struggle the past few days with health issues, but things are looking up. Hopefully I can concentrate on studying again. The exam date will have to be scheduled soon and will have come and gone before I know it so if I don't get off my ass I'll be royally screwed.
Still, I can't help but get my daily dose of GTP blogs as well as my coffee so here we go boys and girls. I'll do my best to keep this short. * snicker* Good luck with that.
Batman Gotham: Blog topics: Unfortunately for Bats my comment was a tad longer than his post. Still it's an interesting topic. Should we or shouldn't we have blog topics on GTP be game related or stay personal relating to the individual on a more fundamentally non-gaming level. Yeah, no one put it in those words and my sentence probably makes no sense, but you get my drift. You'll have to read his blog for my whole opinion on the matter!
Brutal: So I had to post another link to one of Bats blogs. I love visiting his page for one reason alone. Sorry Batty, but it's not the intellectual stimulating.... I only want you for your cats or at least their pictures. He's got a hell of an eye and a great ability to take the cutest shots. Not an easy feat for some, yet he makes it look like a breeze. This particular pic is among my fav's!
BuckshotGeorge's: The real hustle...with : I try to make it a point not to post the same blogger on blogs of note over and over but I'm doing away with that rule. There, it's safely flying out the window of a 24 story building in the middle of Westood. OH! It just landed on that hawks head. See?.... ahem. K, so now that I've reduced my blog to little more than dribble let me direct you to Buckey's blog for an eventful story of the day he returned his broken down 360 to his local video game store. Oh, now don't get the wrong idea here see, because his box was broken and do you have any idea how wrong it is to return broken down merchandise in exchange for brand spanking new merchandise? I think Buckey new EXACTLY how wrong. Another great one from Buckshot
Buckey's Best Line: "Someone who would have the balls to walk into the shop and pull the act off, whether it worked or not. Turns out the person had no balls at all ..."
Damn you microsoft...wi: Damn you to hell Buckey!!! Damn you to all mighty hell. You know there are times that I've read blogs and written in the comments that they had me L'ing OL! when in reality didn't get a squeak out of me. The cackle I let out, and I mean cackle, after reading a line in this post turned a few heads. I'm still a little pink from humiliation... you shall pay.
Buckey's line: "If I don't get the refund, I vow now to never buy another Live Arcade game as long as I live (I reserve the right to change that statement should Zombies and/or Goldeneye come out on Live Arcade)."
Now for a little random search from the home page on GTP:
B0x Eater -: He's got no blogs, no intro, no games, no board messages and ONE...count them ONE friend. Why did I post about him? That's the damn ugliest picture I've ever seen. It's like he just stepped in a pile of poo. Sorry Box Eater... add some new pictures. LOL :P GTP needs to get to know you better!
BanginNLeavin: She's only 19, but so far has impressed me with her photoshopped pic's. Yeah someone could have created them for her, but I'm still impressed... I'm so easily impressed. lol Pathetic. Besides, who doesn't love a fellow self proclaimed drama queen. This is a young GTP blogger I may keep my eye on. They're short, but interesting.
Blog: In 2008-03-08 she posts about a car crash. Looks like she needs some COD friends too so, make friends with her. Everybody loves Canadians ei??
Intro: Cute pic's and... some pirate love??? Bangin said: "PS.... Pirates own Ninjas... Im just sayin..Yarrrrr" hmmmm, interesting....
Angry Pirate 99 He's got a silly intro there.
Intro: "Some of my hobbies include taking long romantic walks on the beach, dancing all night long, helping sick puppies, talking about my day, re-arranging furniture, shopping, watching the sun go down, reading romantic novels, watching chick flicks, and doing it the Johnny Gan way!!!." That and the old lady taking a punch in the face...classic.
Blog: Sorry for the girls: I like Pirates, especially when they provide valuable insight into the world of Girl Gaming.
Today on the Tuna Tabloid:
Pirate Love!
Rumors about Angry Pirate 99 and BanginNLeaving have surfaced on GTP. You heard it hear first! Sources say they've been spotted hitting all the hottest nightclubs in Canada between Timbuktu and Kazakistan. Where do you suppose that will lead??? To no good I tell you!
The Tuna OUT!

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