Monday, August 4, 2008

This is

yes, this it hell..

i decided to write a little something as i listened to the song.

this is hell.

not having money is hell

not having enough for food is hell

spending what little you have on fast food is hell

not having enough money to buy my cats tapeworm meds is hell.

i'm not getting my meds so i can save for them....not sure if that's hell, but it does suck

yeah...this is hell

you know what else is hell?

not having $1000 to submit my husbands paperwork to INS so he can finally get his social. he can't work without it and that's why we have no money.

this is definitely hell. definitely....


and you know what else is hell??? not being able to spell EVER! at least not without spell check because i spell it wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!!!


hey, good song! lol :P

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