Thursday, August 14, 2008

welcome to my class room

this is the last day of my series 3 commodities training. it's an online course. my instructor is currently talking about opening customer accounts. i'm so bored my eyes are about to bleed. all i want to do is go to sleep.

i've asked my husband for a cup of coffee three times over the past hour. i should have just gotten up myself and skipped parts of the lesson that i don't need... i really don't need any of this. i was much happier when we were studying the math yesterday.

this is horrible. he's just going on and on. i'm having to find excuses to write notes, but they're completely unecessary.

now i'm really irritated!!! he just said a customer needs to be over 18 to open accounts. are you kidding me? um, if you don't know that you're a dork and if you didn't get it from the series 7 then you're most likely an idiot. WHY oh WHY are we discussing this?

there's a whole hour left! i'm sure if i had gone to bed early i would be better off now. i went to bed at around 2:30am and some idiot debt collector calling for my little sister woke me up from a wonderful dream. i bitched him out, hung up on him and he had the BALLS to call me back. i chewed him out some more and asked him to remember the call when he receives the letter i wrote for my sister.

he won't forget what an asshole i can be and when he gets that letter he'll be glad i was so kind...if he's smart he'll also notice that his job will be on the line if they persue the case the wrong way.

of course, that's a story for another day. for now, i suppose i'll get back to my class. he's talking about supplemental agreements. i dont' care that it allows the FCM to transfer money between the BD and FCM. DON'T CARE! i already know that! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

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