Monday, October 6, 2008

allergies suck arse

last week was the last straw. my allergies were at their worst with my eyes puffing up and my throat closing on me all the time. everytime i went to bed my nose completely closed up on me. the second i got up, my sinuses would drain and i could breath again.

i decided the matress my sister gave me a few years ago was going to be the death of me. suddenly i began to wonder why in the hell i'd even kept it so damn long. part of the money i spent on replacing it was supposed to go to some extra bills i had to pay.

at some point you have to make the decision that your health is simply more important. if i'm missing work regularly because of my allergies, which always happen to get worse once a month (take a wild guess why), then it's time to make some changes and put some things aside.

i finally did. i bought the cheapest matress i could find and subsequently got talked into buying a new bedroom set. DOH! well, it's not so bad. at least the major bills out of the way.

new matress, pillow's linens and loads of flonase. now i just have to exchange my husband and i'll be set. i'm allergic to him too. gives me hairballs.

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