Wednesday, October 8, 2008

jewelery in a plastic baggie

on of the sweet ladies i work for at the office brought over a baggie absolutely STUFFED full of jewelry. she always complains that i don't wear enough and asks me if i want something for christmas of my birthday.

i don't wear it often. i can barely get dressed in the morning as it stands. it's a miracle i do my hair. in fact, i didn't today. i actually ran out of the house with a towel wrapped around my head. i wonder if my car will be damp and stinky?

it's been such a hectic morning. i've been going at it non-stop. one of my other brokers is out sick and clients are being a bit fussy. no one can blame them with things being the way they are at the moment.

people need to sell, but only want their broker or people have absolutely nothing to sell yet they still demand to speak to their broker. what can i do? problem is this particular person just leave me completely high and dry any time he's out of the office.

if he were an assistant i could understand. we take a beating some days and you know, if we're out of the office and it's not a dire emergency do NOT call. but for an adviser to be completely unreachable is unacceptable.

well, he's really sick but he's well enough to take care of the really important things. i feel awful, but i had to let him know that some people were complaining and didn't seem to care that he was ill. of course, when you're talking about people's money unless your arm is hanging off you don't have much of an excuse. that and you still have another one you can pick up the phone with. that's exactly how people are.

"well, i don't mean to be insensitive here. i understand he's sick, but it's just a simple procedure. he should have been back at work yesterday, unless of course he had complications." said one of he most egotistical bitches i've spoken to today.

"yes, he had complications. a serious complication and i'm not sure if he'll be back this week. we have high hopes though."

"well...can you please tell him to call me? i mean, i don't see why he can't at least pick up the phone. it's not like he has to go anywhere."

"sure i can relay your message. also, if you need immediate assistance i can transfer you to his back up or have a manager help you. i can also provide you with any basic information in your account. i'd be happy to help you in anyway i can. feel free to give us a call anytime okay?" in my most helpful voice. i've been told i need to smile when i speak. I SMILED!!!

"thank you, i underSTAND that, but he understands what i need. he has a certain philosophy and i should be able to speak to my broker. he's MY broker. I don't WANT to speak to anyone else. can't you just tell him to call me from home?" she said.

'yeah, bitch, i'll force him out of bed so he can fucking call your dumb fuck ass JUST so he can let you know that you shouldn't be so fucking chicken-headed about your account. are you going to retire next year? are you getting ready to kick the bucket soon? do you expect not to be around in the next 3-5 years? 10?" i screamed in my skull, "let me just call that poor white haired man that takes care of your account on a daily basis and have him call you. let me tell the man that deals with your asshole of a husband that calls over and over and over again day after day after day to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that he has to get himself up and out of bed to talk to YOU. maybe he's just faking it.'

of course, i could never in a million years say that to a client and after a brief pause to catch my breath all i said was, "sure, no problem. i'll give him the message, but if there's anything you need just let me know okay? you have a wonderful day. buh-bbye now."

up walked another broker with a plastic baggie full of shiny old jewelry. i didn't know whether to slap her for coming anywhere near me before letting me calm down or give her an enourmous hug.

i opted for neither and stayed firmly planted in my seat. i thanked her though! i was nice.

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