Thursday, August 26, 2010

Training For A Marathon Was More Than I Bargained For

When Rigid was gone I was in limbo. I felt like I would surely fall apart any day and I immediately set out to keep myself as busy as possibly starting now. Okay, so I spent the first few days feeling sorry for myself, but I had a plan. It just so happened that my friend invited me to run a half marathon and for some reason I said, "Sure, no problem!"

I fully expected not to receive any more calls after he called to let me know he arrived safely and so I hunkered down that first week. By the time the weekend rolled around it was time to get busy. I decided to move the furniture around in the living room. Unfortunately I also decided I needed to move the bed around. I did too much too fast and with no help. My furniture is custom made and very heavy so by the time I got to the bed my leg must have been weak. It was then that I injured my hip without realizing the damage I'd caused.

The next week I started walking. I didn't get far my first day to know something was up. I rested one day and walk/jogged the next. I couldn't sleep on my hip that night and the next day I looked like someone shoved something somewhere I don't care to talk about. Even a few friends commented on the state of me. I felt awful, but the next week i continued my training.

It never worked out for me. By the time I was up to a 5 mile walk I was done for and ended up in physical therapy. Basically this entire time Rigid was gone I spent not training for the marathon I'd hoped we'd both participate in when he got back, but recouperating from an injury I didn't realize I had sustained in the first place.

It's now been over 3 months that he's been gone and in a few weeks I'll be pinning a blue cord to his shoulder. What have I done while he's been gone training and accomplishing yet another goal?


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