Sunday, September 12, 2010

Almost There

Almost There

It's finally Sunday and though I should be trying to fall asleep at this time of night I really just can't seem to relax enough. I haven't given myself the chance to relax enough either to be honest. I have so much energy that I could keep on cleaning my apartment most of the night, but of course that will never happen.

I was really hoping for a call today but although I never once let my phone out of my site it never came. He was also not able to call me back like he wanted to yesterday. He called from a concert. Apparently Boost Mobile was letting the soldiers use their cell phones to call home. Now Rigid is looking forward to a new Boost phone. Don't know exactly what we'll do though. I'm not sure if he'll like the Android but it's the best phone they have other than the Blackberry and that's an additional $10 per month.

I hope Rigid is happy with the closet space. I hope he doesn't have too much stuff to bring home with him and that there will be plenty of space in there for now. It's taken me the entire weekend to get this done and I'm still not really finished. It's just a matter of finding a place for all these last bits and bobs. Truth is, I could shove it all under the bed and be done with it. He'd be none the wiser. He wouldn't care either. That's my husband.

Earlier I sat down to play Call of Duty after clearing out the bulk of items into the garage. I was so tired I couldn't move anything else so I sat down to see who was online. Just then FireDog & his brother KombatSquirell jumped on. I mentioned that they had great timing and I think someone asked me what I had been doing. I let them know I'd been cleaning all day and I was so tired. FireDog asked if I was prepping for my husbands return and if that's why I had been cleaning so much all weekend long.

I said yeah and Kombat said I had better or my husband would be pissed. I thought it was funny. I've never seen myself in the type of relationship that would make me have to worry about the state of my home at all times. In fact I know that's not the type of relationship I'm in. It's I that had to worry about how my apartment was being kept day in and day out. I'm the one who came home from work only to find that nothing had been done around the house. That someone was sitting here playing video games all day long and that's why nothing could ever get done.

I'm the one that came home to find Rigid exhausted after doing ONE load of laundry, making the bed and washing some dishes....some. He would do the dishes and leave the cups, cutlery or pots & pans for later. Mostly for tomorrow or the next day actually. Living with a man that doesn't like to do anything including work was not easy.

I'm hoping that the reason for all of that was because he wasn't doing what he loved to do. He loves the military. He loves that line of work and doesn't like doing much of anything else other than being with me and playing video games. I don't know how this new life of ours is going to pan out, but I do hope he gets everything he wants out of life.

Me, well, I hope I'm able to maintain this apartment with him in the house again. I hope he helps me keep this place clean and orderly and I really hope he appreciates what I've done for him because I sure appreciate what he'd doing for us.

It's nearly Monday. Just a few more days and then I see him again. I can't believe it's almost over. My stomach hurts every time I think about it.

I can't believe I'm almost there...

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