Friday, September 10, 2010

Military Men Need Their Closet Space

Almost There

Okay, I know what you must be thinking. That's one messy girl. Well, yeah, BUT it's not my fault. I've been reading a lot of military blogs and staying on top of my Facebook group. I keep reading about all the bullshit girls go through with gear. The guys tend to bring a lot of stuff home with them and continue to accumulate things as time goes on. I decided I'd do myself a huge favor and preempt the inevitable man clutter to come.

Plus it gives me something to do. I have no more wands, boxes or letters to write. As of today I'm to send not a single letter. Now what do I do right before bed? I always write before bed. I write to the point that my eyes will start to cross. I'll close my eyes, head bobbing up and down with sleep, and continue writing in that state. Despite the fact that I can barely wake up for work the next morning I continue to do it again the next night. I know I miss my husband a lot, but seriously. It can't be good for you.

Well, the closet is all cleared out and now all I have to do is put away most of that junk in the garage. The trash pile on the right has already been placed on trash bags and tossed. It was all a lot easier than i thought, but it's still going to take me some times to get the room all straightened out. I can't wait to get my life back in order.

The kitchen sink is clean, I just have to finish the rest of the kitchen plus the floors. I'll do that plus the living room tomorrow. I'll leave the bedroom for Sunday. I still have to go and buy my shoes and possibly another piece of luggage. Rigid is going to make me bring his belt, shirt, jeans and tennis. That won't be fun to carry so I'll need something with wheels.

I bought a dress that needed to be tailored. I had the skirt of the dress taken in a little, but now I regret not taking in the sides as well. Maybe I can be brave and fix that myself. Then again, maybe not. I'll need that dress for graduation.

Well, I see I still have it. I can still find a really long way of saying a lot of nothing. Whatever.


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