Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stupid Android & It's Shitty Battery Life!

I don't know why it's only 2pm and my phone is giving me a warning that there's only 15% battery life. Okay, so I do know. Well, no I don't. I mean not really. FUCK! Right, this morning around 10am over half the battery had been depleted.

I checked to see if there was a running program or what could possibly be the problem, but nothing was on. The only thing it could be is that the phone never charged all night like it normally does. It either came unplugged or is unplugged and I didn't notice. SHIT I have to go to the post office before it's too late!

Anyway, today I finally figured out how to use swype. I used the whole tutorial and everything. I had so much fun swyping the pictures on my cell phone to prepare them for download that I didn't realize I was totally depleting my phone of life.

Now what do I do? If Rigid calls me while I'm on the freeway I'll have less than 15% battery life left and I'll just die if the phone konks out on me. WTF????

I have to run now. DAMN IT!!!

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