Tuesday, July 5, 2011

557th Blog Post On Misventures


Well, it's been a really long time since my last post on the Misventures. I'm not sure why, but I've lost the will to blog slowly but surely. More surely than slowly, but who cares...semantics. Peh!

I saved a bunny! That's right I saved a bunny from a horrible fate had I left it with my mother. Okay, granted this was over a month ago, but whatever. I feel like writing about it now for some reason. Maybe it's just because I'm hungry. I don't know. I think it's the curry my husband is preparing. I tell him I hate his cooking and for the most part it sucks ass, but I love his curry like I loved him in those Tommy Hilfiger's so many moons ago. Mmmmm. Tommy Hilfiger...mmm....moons...mmmmmmm.

OH sorry. Wow, but those were amazing jeans. Never found any other to compare for that matter. He ripped those suckers apart in no time. But none of that has anything to do with the bunny does it? We've been through hell and back this bunny and I. I didn't want another pet and if I had any sense I wouldn't have taken it in, but Rigid saw how sad I was at the prospect of rehoming the bunny or having to resort to a shelter for that matter. I was in deep sorrow at the prospect so he offered to care for her. Said he had experience with bunnies.

Yup. He said he could deal with her himself. Could he indeed? No. All lies designed to make me feel better. All lies to make me stop crying. He just can't deal with it if I cry I notice. I cry and I get what I want immediately. But I didn't want a bunny. No sir. I promise you I didn't want a bunny. I knew how hard a bunny could be. I'm still not sure if we'll make it through the summer unscathed.

I considered getting rid of her. The first few days weren't so bad, but not long after introducing her into the house Rigid had training with the National Guard. He would be gone a whole 3 weeks. Lenore, we named her Lenore after Roman Dirge's character, and I were to spend the next 3 weeks all alone with 4 cats. It was a nightmare to be sure, but we made it through she and I. By the last week we had a nice routine going. It didn't come easy. In fact the Bunny FooFoo made me cry on several occasions and I her probably.

She grown into a massive bunny in the last few weeks. We've learned so much about bunnies. I've devoured as many bunny info sites as I could. I made a bunny condo for her out of cardboard boxes. I have chicken wire fencing in my living room to stop her from getting into the cat litter and have blocked the other entrance to keep her from the cat food. She LOVES cat food, but she also LOVES the corn based litter so EW EW EW EW EW...bad for BunnieFoofoos. I give her the best feed, hay and bedding I can afford. Bought her cage and cage extension, the latter of which I had to break down to buy when my ad hoc fencing was brought down by Lenore so much that I could barely sit down for 5 min's at a time. (I hate laptops. Never have gotten used to them. Stupid giant buttons. I have LITTLE HANDS!!!) It's been one of the hardest things I've done in a really long time. Dealing with her chewing, digging and pushy ass bunny attitude has been really fucking trying at times. But her super cute cuddely and charming personality wins me over each and every single day.

This is one expensive ass animal and we haven't even begun to deal with the Vet bills when those start to come in. I'm trying to ignore it for now, but I won't be able to much longer. She's a little teeny bopper bun so it's time to get her fixed very soon. That will not be fun at all.

OMG food is here. I have to eat or I'll die!

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