Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Mouse, The UFC & The Rigid

Today was the last straw for some reason. I decided I needed a wireless laptop mouse and I needed it now. Actually, it was Rigid who decided to talk me into it. I'm sick of not having a mouse. I can't make good use of this laptop without it. I've also realized that I'm not using my laptop at all because I don't have a mouse. 

I don't go into the bedroom to use my computer either. Forget about the fact that you just can't even walk in there because of the mess and all the bunny equipment, but the entire computer is actually on the floor. I decided a long time ago that I needed my hallway desk back where it belongs and I know that one day I'll get a nice little desk again. Of course that day has yet to arrive. Strange, but I really don't care. I don't use it. It's only storing my pictures at the moment. I really need to back them up by the way. No matter. I'll get to it eventually.

So, Rigid decided he'd take me to the store to get a mouse. I chose a cheep $14 mouse at first and some speakers since I'm sick of straining to hear anything on my laptop. Then I ran into this mouse. It can be used on any surface and I was already imagining myself struggling to get a $14 mouse to work on my leg, the couch or the coffee table and laptop lap...top thingie. The display showed all types of neat slippery and non slippery (carpet) surfaces so I figured I'd splurge at more than double the price. Hey, $40 bucks for a mouse is a lot. I'd rather spend $20, but I remember a time when a mouse like this would have cost $60 so not bad at all. I'm not big on design. I just like something that works, but this little bugger is all artsy fartsy. Whatever. I normally would have bought a simple black controller. Hell, I actually considered a pink design. YUK! I had to swallow back my vomit. I'm okay...just a momentary lapse in character and standards. Not to worry all is well. I think I may be PMSing which brings me to my next purchase.

Actually it was Rigid's purchase. I purposely looked for the Kinect to see if there were any interesting games on it and there it was. The UFC Trainer for all to demo. I immediately jumped on and got a little crowd around me. I started kicking and punching, but I was so embarrassed I was only going halfway up. Or at least I was pretending too. My fat ass can't lift my leg all the way up. Not because I'm fat, but because I'm injured. I never should have jumped out of that car to save my Seren from the perils of the life of a freeway cat or...nonlife cause well, cat's can't usually live on the freeway. It's a long story and I'm sure I blogged about it at some point so it doesn't matter anymore. Let's leave my temporary insanity in the past shall we? SO upon watching me on the UFC Trainer my husband ran off to find the game for me. He came back and said, "If I buy it for you will you actually use it?" My eyeballs lit up as if the words on the game cover said KFC instead of UFC. "YES I'LL USE IT!", I didn't actually scream. I only capitalize to emphasize my enthusiasm. 

In the end after a little quibbling over The Michael Jackson Experience and something about not contributing to a pedophiles estate we did get the UFC Trainer. Believe it or not I'm more excited about the mouse. It's fucking wireless!!! Also, I only just treated my hair with Organix Brazilian Keratin Treatment and I don't fancy having to wash my hair again. My hair is beautiful and silky smooov I LOVE IT. Besides it's too late to do Jack3d and I want to work out in UBERHYPERSTEALTHMODE!

Now that's what I'm talking about (insert grunty groin noises here 3x)!!!!!

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